Entrepreneurs launch therapy platform with consultations at R $ 59 – Small Businesses Large Businesses


Weber Balduino, Caroline Macarini and Luanna Souza, founders of Start Insight (Photo: Disclosure)

In order to promote greater access to psychological assistance, three young entrepreneurs came together to launch Start Insight. The platform offers psychotherapy consultations at a value of R $ 59.99.

The company has as partners Caroline Macarini, Luanna Souza and Weber Balduino. They started to develop the idea after the pandemic began. Today, the platform brings together a base of 300 psychologists specialized in different aspects.

According to them, the professionals have their credentials verified before starting to answer on the website. Consultations are made online and payment is made through the platform itself. Each session lasts 60 minutes.

The partners also state that the service was developed based on digital compliance standards for teleconsultations. The model exempts professionals and users from paying a subscription, discounting a percentage of the amounts paid for consultations.

“We serve patients of all classes, without exception, which explains the booking of appointments in different regions, neighborhoods and cities,” says Caroline Macarini, a psychologist and co-founder.


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