Epic Games gives two games for free this week


Epic Games became involved in some recent polemics with Google and Apple on account of the fees charged by them within Fortnite on Android and iOS (iPhone system). On the PC, the company’s online game store, the Epic Games Store, has been distributing weekly free titles to win and please its users.

In turn, this week, Epic Games is giving away two free games. The first one is “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs“is a horror game that addresses greed and how it can drive someone crazy. The second is”Kingdom New Lands“, a well-known indie title in which you must build a kingdom and protect it from different threats. Next, check out how to get these games for free.


The games “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs” and “Kingdom New Lands” were released yesterday (15) at noon and can be obtained this way until this same hour of October 22 (Thursday). Here, it’s worth remembering, since these games are added to your library, you can play them forever.

How to get free games from Epic Games

The process for having these free games on the PC is quite simple, since it can be performed in the browser, but it will be necessary to have the Epic Games client installed to play them. Look:

1. Access the Epic Games Store homepage through this link in the browser of your choice;

2. On the page loaded, under “Free Games”, select the desired title;

3. Below your trailer and next to the description, click “Get”;


4. Log in with your Epic Games account. If not, create a new one;


5. Now, check if the order is zeroed and click on “Place Order”. If this screen does not appear for you, click “Get” again on the game page;


6. When your order is confirmed, at this point, you can open the Epic Games client or download it;


7. Open the Epic Games client on the computer and, when entering the “Library”, select the desired game to download it.


Ready! You now know how to get the free games “Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs” and “Kingdom New Lands” on PC.

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