Erna is silent as usual – Debate


It was recently announced that US President Donald Trump has been confirmed infected by covid-19. Several have expressed their satisfaction with this, and Erna Solberg was quick to state that one “should not accept the illness of others”. Just two days earlier, it has been confirmed that Trump will not distance himself from the right-wing extremist group Proud Boys.

That is why I ask the government; where has the Norwegian values ​​gone?

Donald Trump has long been opposed to the use of bandages in public and he has denied for his weak infection control measures. In addition, it peaked when the president proposed injecting antibac intravenously into the blood vessels. When the media questions this; is it in his eyes fake news.

But Erna, she is silent as usual.

In this case, I understand it well, why should one comment on something that is so obviously pathetic. Her reserved attitude is in many ways wise.

Still, there are times when she should speak out against the US president. Especially when in Tuesday’s debate he managed to call for further American uprisings, and that he failed to distance himself from the Proud Boys.

Last time I checked, gender equality was an important Norwegian value.

Proud Boys have stated several times that they want the woman back in the old gender roles, in the kitchen and by the cot. In other words, they should not be at work.

Erna, you are a prominent woman, why do not you say something about this? Gender equality, feminism and the women’s struggle have paved the way for us to have a female Minister of Trade and Industry, a female Minister of Foreign Affairs and not least a female Prime Minister. But Erna, she is silent as usual.

Proud Boys are also very anti-immigrant.

They want a “clean” United States with the old, western model as a society. They praise colonialism, and believe it is the best thing that has happened to Africa and Asia. Western culture is the right and the best. Last time I checked, charity and the importance of a multicultural society was an important Norwegian value.

Are we Norwegians not fond of our neighbor? Do we not believe that unity and respect for your neighbor is important to our society? In March, we shouted in a common alarm that the spirit of hard work had to be started, the community should win. We clapped for the nurses, we contributed to the community. Why is our Prime Minister silenced when the world’s most powerful man supports a divided society, and not least; supports racism.

But Erna, she is silent as usual.

Yes, I’m angry. In addition, I am frustrated and embarrassed. For this is not just about Erna being reserved after Tuesday’s debate. It has been the Prime Minister’s pattern ever since she took office.

When the Chinese Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for, among other things, increasing the degree of freedom of expression in China, Norway’s relations with China became turbulent, and the media debate erupted. It got even worse when Xiaobo became terminally ill in a Chinese prison and the EU wrote a demand for release from prison to get medical help.

Among those who supported the call were 28 EU countries, but Erna, she was silent as usual.

This case was about the Chinese’s right to freedom of expression and not least Xiaobo’s right to life, the most prominent human right of them all. In recent weeks, the government has talked back and forth about freedom of expression as one of the most important Norwegian values, the legacy of 1814.

Then I must honestly admit that I scratch my head when right-wing extremist groups like SIAN are allowed to discriminate against minorities in Norway, but when people, like Liu Xiaobo, fight to acquire this right, then the government is silent.

Trump has become ill, and several people may agree.

Understandably, because it is then quite ironic that the man who suggested intravenous antibac before using a bandage has been infected with covid-19. But Erna, she did not keep quiet, which is very unusual. Why is it a Norwegian value to crack down on ridiculing the ironic, rather than cracking down on Trump when he supports the Proud Boys?

I understand, of course, that both the case of Liu Xiaobo and Trump’s support for right-wing extremism are cases where diplomatic relations, trade, as well as military and economic cooperation are at stake. We Norwegians were not blind to the fact that the fishing industry was at stake after the Peace Prize award ceremony. And we are not blind to the fact that NATO and Norway’s relations with the United States are at stake now.

Still, I believe that sometimes Norwegian values ​​should take precedence over money.

Because equality, diversity and freedom of expression are important values ​​for the ordinary Norwegian. – It is us the government represents. I therefore want a more steadfast prime minister, one with bones in his nose when it really matters. And now it applies more than ever, because right-wing extremism does not belong in this country.


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