Ester Expposto is undergoing a major transformation; Look


Netflix’s investment in Spanish-language series is paying off! After the hit La Casa de Papel, Elite is now the darling of the public, with its impactful story and extremely charismatic characters.

Elite really won over the audience, and the series’ success can be seen by its incredible audience levels, which alone have guaranteed the production of a fourth and fifth seasons.

Netflix productions have also helped to leverage the career of several actresses, especially Ester Expposto.

Having great success on social networks, the actress has undergone a major transformation in her career and personal life.

Check it out below!

Since the debut of Elite in 2018, Ester Expposto stands out as the interpreter of Carla, one of the most popular characters in the series.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey magazine, the Spanish actress talked about the countless changes in her life over the past two years.

“Elite changed my life completely! Even though I have already participated in two films and some series, Elite’s success has established a ‘before and after’ in my career ”, confirmed the actress.

Recently, Expposto also participated in the series Quem Tem Que Morrer, by the same creator of Casa das Flores. The production is also available on Netflix.

“We shot Elite for two years, so it was very different to be able to really focus on a character, develop it over time. I will always appreciate everything that Carla taught me ”, said the actress.

As it should not appear in the next – and already confirmed – Elite season, Ester Expposto also spoke about his expectations for the future of his career.

“I want to go back to making films, and I would also love to act in a comedy, since I haven’t explored that aspect of cinema and TV yet. Besides, I want to act in the theater. But one thing at a time! ”, Joked the actress.

Elite and Vis a Vis are available on Netflix.


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