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Alberto (Igor Rickli) reads dedication that Cristal (Moro Anghileri) wrote to Cassiano (Henri Castelli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Arriving in Brazil, Alberto puts his plan into practice: first, put the delegate Gonzalo (Norberto Presta) on Cassiano’s glue. Then he shows Ester the dossier with “evidence” that the pilot is a fugitive from the police.

Ester pretends to believe Alberto’s story but, in fact, she manages to warn her lover that the police are after him. The businessman discovers that his wife opened her beak to Cassiano and, to get revenge, shows Esther the message the pilot received from Cristal:

“The guy you think you love, as well as a wanted bandit, doesn’t care about you. When you least expect it, he goes back to Guatemala where he left this woman.”

Alberto (Igor Rickli) tells Ester (Grazi Massafera) that Cassiano (Henri Casteli) got involved with Cristal (Moro Anghileri) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Ester takes the Cristal DVD and reads the message the singer left for Cassiano:

“My Brazilian,
I hope you’re well.
I miss you, honey.
I can’t wait to book for Brazil and meet you.
Kisses. All. Crystal.”

Esther is disturbed and Alberto puts more wood on the fire:

“Do you know what is funniest in this whole story? Do you know whose daughter she is? Dom Rafael. Look how crazy! Soon from him, the guy Cassiano said that held him all this time. Enough time for him to live a beautiful romance hot with her.”

Ester (Grazi Massafera) reads a loving dedication of Cristal (Moro Anghileri) to Cassiano (Henri Casteli) – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Will it shake Esther and Cassiano’s romance?

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Alberto tells Ester that he will ask for custody of the children if she separates from him. Ester pretends to believe Gonzalo and tells the police chief that he must arrest Cassiano. Ester asks Doralice to call Cassiano and tell him to hide. Doralice insists that Juliano hide Cassiano in his boat. Ester tells Cassiano that Alberto has brought a delegate to arrest him. Olivia doesn’t let Gonzalo into her house. Alberto shows Ester the CD and the Cristal letter to Cassiano. Esther feels betrayed by Cassiano.

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