European countries adopt new restrictions to curb Covid’s progress | National Newspaper


The number of Covid-19 cases is growing in several countries in Europe, and more governments are imposing restrictions. In Poland, the president tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Anjay Duda apologized to everyone who will need to be quarantined because they have had contact with him in the past few days. Among them, tennis player Iga Swiatek, winner of the French Open, who received a medal from the president on Friday (23).

Duda said he feels good and will continue working at a distance.

A few months ago, Poland was considered an example in combating the pandemic. There is now a lack of beds for the seriously ill. And the country’s largest stadium is being transformed into a temporary hospital.

The Czech Republic is another Eastern European country that managed to avoid the worst at the start of the pandemic, but now suffers from the highest contagion rate on the continent and has again imposed a national lockdown.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron warned that we will live with the virus until at least mid-next year.

In the United Kingdom, Wales began a new confinement to limit socialization and contain the second wave of contagions. For 17 days, residents need to stay at home. Only pharmacies and supermarkets remain open, but they have been banned from selling items considered non-essential.

On social media, consumers questioned why they can buy vodka and Christmas decorations, but not baby clothes and books, for example.

The lack of consistency made more than 35,000 people participate in a petition to overturn the ban.

The government says the move is to limit the time people spend inside stores.

In London, protesters – many without a mask and without respecting social distance – marched through the city center calling for an end to measures to combat Covid.

At least ten people were arrested and the police dispersed the agglomeration, banned in times of pandemic.


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