European countries break records of new Covid cases | National Newspaper


At least seven European countries broke records of new cases from Covid, this Saturday (17).

The new coronavirus hovered around the Vatican again. A man who lives in the same residence as the Pope is infected. The unidentified person had no symptoms and has already left Santa Marta residence to be isolated with those he was in contact with.

In March, another resident of the 130-room house had already tested positive. The place is home to cardinals and other members of the clergy. The concern in the Vatican is, above all, with Pope Francis, who had part of a lung removed when he became ill in his youth.

The rise of contagions in Europe made Germany’s prime minister ask the population to avoid displacement and social contacts.

She spoke directly to the Germans. The leaders of the country’s 16 states have not reached consensus on further restrictions. Angela Merkel attended, on Friday (16), the European Union summit. The pandemic overshadowed all issues.

The heads of Austrian and Belgian diplomacy also participated in a meeting of the bloc. The two tested positive this Saturday. Alexander Schallenberg and Sophie Wilmes sat side by side at the chancellors’ meeting on Monday. There is the fear that breakfast will become an event classified as super spreading.

Belgium has been hosting meetings from the European Union and has ordered the Belgian population to stay home between 0:00 and 5:00. The curfew in Paris and eight other French cities is longer: from 9 pm to 6 am from this Saturday.

London and eight other British cities have been classified as areas of high risk of contagion – the second level on a scale of up to three. More than 28 million people – half of the English population – will no longer be able to meet indoors with people from different houses.

The British government studies for Manchester at level 3, alongside Lancashire and Liverpool. In these two cities, residents of different houses cannot meet even in open places. Bars and gyms closed again.

The British opposition calls for a short general confinement of two weeks – a tactic dubbed a “breaker”. The British Prime Minister thinks this is not the time; Boris Johnson is afraid of yet another economic shock.


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