European Union warns that there will be no vaccines against Covid-19 for all until 2022 – World


Despite the progress made in the development of a vaccine against covid-19, only a part of the population of the European Union can be inoculated before 2022.

The warning was made by EU officials at a closed meeting this week, according to sources at the meeting, cited by Reuters.

“There will not be enough doses of vaccines for the entire population before the end of 2021,” an EU official told diplomats from member states at that meeting, according to the news agency.

This is despite the fact that the 27 member states of the bloc, with a population of 450 million people, have already guaranteed more than 1 billion doses of potential vaccines from three pharmaceutical companies and are negotiating the purchase of 1 billion more from other companies. .

The European Union, like other economies, is trying to secure as many vaccines as possible for its Member States, but experts have warned that not all vaccines that are at an advanced stage of development should prove to be effective.

So far, no vaccine that has been proven to be effective against the new coronavirus has yet been discovered, and the European Commission expects that this will not happen until the beginning of next year, when the first doses may be available.

The need for a vaccine becomes more and more urgent at a time when the region is faced with a continuous increase in the number of infections.

The governments of the region are being forced to tighten up the restriction measures, as is the case in Germany, which will close bars and restaurants from 4 November, and France, which may announce today a confinement lasting one month.

Spain again declared a state of emergency with a curfew during the night and, in Portugal, the government meets in extraordinary council of ministers this Saturday to decide new measures to control the pandemic.


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