Even more compact, Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 launches for $ 25


The Raspberry Pi line of “miniature” computers is a great way to create your own do-it-yourself device designs – people design from open source smartphones to robots, drones and so on. However, if you need something even more compact and cheap for a simple project (which will be mass-produced for commercialization), your best way is to opt for the simplified Compute Module version.

Well, this Monday (19th), Raspberry Pi announced the launch of Compute Module 4, the newest edition of the tiny computing module. It has a 64-bit processor with four cores (working at 1.5 GHz), from 1 GB to 8 GB of RAM and from 8 GB to 32 GB of internal storage in eMMC – if your project does not require such a resource, it is possible to purchase a version without such a component.

The WiFi antenna (compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) is also optional, since, by default, the only way to connect the card to the internet is through the Gigabit Ethernet port. Module Compute 4 is also great for video applications, with support for HDMI with 4K resolution, H.265 codec (HEVC) and VideoCore VI graphics (with OpenGL ES 3.x). The user still has 28 expansion pins at his disposal for additional components.

Again, Compute Module 4 is perfect for simple projects that require low computational power, but are mass-produced – making a cheaper “brain” necessary. The device can be purchased for just $ 25 for the simplest edition (with 1 GB of RAM and no internal storage); the most complete (8 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage) costs $ 90.

Fonte: Raspberry Pi

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