Even with D-Day, polio immunization is below 20% in DF


Only 19.7% of children over 1 year old and under 5 in the Federal District are vaccinated against polio. This Saturday (10/17), the National Vaccination Campaign against the disease held D-Day, but it is still far from reaching the desired 95% coverage.

In all, 31,700 boys and girls received the droplet against viral disease, which can affect the nerves and lead to partial or total paralysis. On that D-Day alone, around 14.9 thousand were immunized. “The aim of D-Day is to mobilize the population and show the importance of taking their children to vaccinate and protect them from a disease as serious as polio,” says Health Secretary Osnei Okumoto.

Who has not vaccinated their children, there is still time. The campaign runs until the 30th of this month and there are 135 rooms open for this purpose only.


Multivaccination campaign

In addition to vaccination against polio, the rooms are also open for updating the vaccine booklet. Adolescents under the age of 15 must attend the venues to receive any vaccines that are missing.

To date, 68,513 children and adolescents up to 15 years have attended the vaccination rooms. Of this total, 42,193 had a pending dose and completed the vaccination card. In the period from January to April this year, none of the vaccines on the children’s calendar reached the goals recommended by the Ministry of Health.


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