‘every day that goes by fades’



Silvio Santos is 90 years old

About to turn 90, Silvio Santos admitted that his head is no longer the same. It was in a letter of thanks to Marcondes Gadelha, who recently published the book “Sonho Sequrado”.

In the book, the author deals with the campaign of the presenter to the Presidency of the Republic, in the 1989 elections. The letter was reproduced in the preface of the work.

“Like a lot of my organs, including the obvious, which hasn’t worked for a long time, my memory slowly fades away,” said Silvio. “This book of yours reminds me of events that I had already forgotten and makes me emotional with every page I read.”

“I consider that I was qualified to exercise the Presidency of the Republic and I am sure that the team that would choose, at least, would improve the conditions of the most needy people in this country”, continued the owner of SBT.

“Part of the most humble people in Brazil, unfortunately, still lives under bridges, in cardboard or wooden huts, where, many times, they only have one plate of beans to eat and still need to worry about health and the medicines they need. need to take, “he lamented. “My work would be focused on these issues that afflict our poor population so much.”

“The other problems of our country would also be faced by President Silvio Santos, but the priority given to housing and health always preserved”, he affirmed.

Silvio said he was moved by the memories that the book brought. “You, with your talent as a writer and the generosity of a friend, left me for several moments with tears of longing and emotion there to bring back those commitments,” he said.

“Today, at the age of 90, I wonder if it would have been good for me, for my family, for my television and for people who like me to put on the green and yellow stripe that prints the cover of this excellent book,” he said. , referring to the image in which it appears with the presidential accessory. “I know, however, that it would have been good for the cause. And that’s enough for me. The challenge, then, was accepted under any circumstances.”


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