Everyone is confused and shocked by the age of Lily Collins’ character in ‘Emily in Paris’


Lily Collins counted the age of her character in “Emily in Paris” (Emily in Paris) and left everyone extremely confused.

In the past few weeks, a new series has come to Netflix and won fans around the world. “Emily in Paris”Accompanies a young woman (Lily Collins) who works with social media strategies at a large agency and ends up replacing her boss in the transfer made to Paris – which she goes through several times.

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Everyone who watched, felt like living in the role of the protagonist despite the difficulties she went through in France. But the question I didn’t want to shut up is: how old is Emily? In an interview with British Vogue, Lily Collins kicked an approximate age and left everyone extremely confused.

“I do not believe that we have given a specific number for her age, but I believe that she has just left college. This may be your first year after graduation. I mean she is about 22. She had enough experience at her agency in Chicago to earn her boss’s respect. She is very intelligent and innovative, and this is not the first time she has done this. She went to college for this and completed her internship. ”

Friend, there’s something wrong with that. The internet believes that Emily is about 28, as it is very difficult to have so much confidence from the boss at 22 that he replaces him in a transfer. What’s more, her character has a master’s degree in marketing, which means she should have graduated from college at just 19 years old. What’s the chance?


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