Everything that was announced for patch 1.1


Genshin Impact gained a lot of hype at its launch, but it wasn’t long before millions of players around the world started to complain about the lack of content. Well, the game is still with the launch content, but we have already confirmed everything that will arrive in the first update of the game, and also its official date.

Developer MiHoYo has a Genshin Impact update roadmap that runs through February, with its first major update coming in just a few weeks on November 11th. The Genshin Impact 1.1 update will add several new characters to collect and some much-needed fixes along with new features, including a new reputation system that will help you earn some extra rewards as you explore Teyvat.

Update 1.1 will also pave the way for a major update on December 23, which adds the Dragonspine Mountains zone along with some new in-game events. There is much to expect, but the details are still very uncertain. The purpose of this text is to collect everything we know about the 1.1 update and what to expect when it comes out in just a few weeks.

Everything that was announced for patch 1.1

This article contains possible spoilers!

When does Genshin Impact update to patch 1.1?

Update 1.1 for Genshin Impact will be released on November 11th. MiHoYo has not yet stated how the update process will work or what time Update 1.1 will be live, but it is possible that the game will be offline for a few hours.

What new features are coming?

Update 1.1 for Genshin Impact will not add new zones or full chapters to the story, but it will bring a lot of minor features and hopefully smooth out some edges. In terms of story missions, update 1.1 will end the end of Chapter 1, which remains unfinished today. He will end with a new boss fight against Childe, an NPC (who will also become a recruitable character in 1.1) that players encounter for the first time while completing Liyue’s story missions.

The big news is a reputation system. According to the leaked patch notes, each region (only Liyue and Mondstadt for now) will have its own reputation level that increases as you explore, complete side missions and take on a new type of activity called rewards and requests. What the rewards and requests involve is still a mystery, but I think their names are a good indication. As each regional reputation grows, players will earn not only material rewards, but also recipes for new items added, glider skins and cosmetic profile cards.

The inventory system is also undergoing a good update. Players will be able to block certain items to prevent them from being accidentally deleted or used to update other items, and MiHoYo said he is working on a new set of filters so you can quickly organize your treasure trove of equipable artifacts to facilitate the Updates tag.

Update 1.1 will also add basic support for rewiring keyboard controls. In a blog post, MiHoYo said that only part of the system will be implemented in 1.1, while the second half will be added in a later update, so it is unclear how exactly that will be.

Here are some minor things that come in update 1.1 that are worth mentioning:

  • A new compendium cataloging monsters and resources that you can find on Teyvat.
  • Better camera options so it doesn’t zoom in more slowly.
  • Characters on expeditions can still be used at parties.
  • When leveling up characters or weapons, excess experience points will be refunded in the form of any appropriate material resource.
  • All new five star weapons, one for each type of weapon. According to the leaks in Genshin’s subreddit, each weapon will have the same ability: “Increases the strength of the shield by 20 percent. For 8 sec after landing a hit, increases the attack by 4 percent. Maximum of 5 stacks, 0 , 3 sec per proc. In addition, when protected by a shield, it increases the effect of the above attack buff by 100 percent. “
  • A portable teleporter that can be placed anywhere in the world. It is active for seven days.
  • An Anemo bottle allows you to capture wind spirits and then release them anywhere to trigger your gust of wind that you can soar.
  • Hot keys for food items so you can consume food quickly without opening the inventory.
  • A portable pan to prepare recipes anywhere.
  • Items that make it easier to track unopened chests and find hidden Anemoculi or Geoculi.

What new characters are being added?

Over the next few years, Genshin Impact is expected to receive dozens of new characters. You can find out all the details about those who appeared in closed beta tests or leaked in our new Genshin Impact character guide, but update 1.1 is also adding four or five of these new characters.

The new characters:

  • Xiao, an Anemo gun user who transforms into a demonic form that drains his HP quickly, but increases all other stats.
  • Zhongli, a Geo pole weapon user who can shatter Geo objects around him or summon a meteor that temporarily turns enemies into stone.
  • Childe, a Hydro bow user who can switch to melee weapons with his elemental ability, allowing him to quickly switch between two combat styles.
  • Xinyan, a Pyro Claymore user who uses her guitar to set enemies on fire.
  • Diona, a Cryo Bow user who throws cocktails at enemies that damage them over time and heals allies in the area of ​​effect he creates.

Is the resin changing?

Resin is one of the most controversial systems in Genshin Impact because it strongly restricts how quickly players can progress towards the end of the game. MiHoYo recently announced that the resin will be changed so that players can store up to 160 at a time (instead of just 120) and that the weekly battle pass mission that rewards players for spending a certain amount of resin will be reduced to 1,200 .

Leaked update patch notes also indicate that there will be a system where the resin can be bottled and stored in such a way that, if you cannot play for a few days, do not waste that resin and can spend it all when you return. Rumors also suggest a new feature where you can choose to spend twice the resin requirement on domains to receive twice the reward, effectively halving the frequency with which you need to grind domains per day.

What about new game events?

Several in-game events were also commented on based on their appearance in the closed beta version of update 1.1 and leaked patch notes. These are in addition to the usual Promotional Banners that run every few weeks and offer greater chances of obtaining certain types of characters or weapons from the Genshin Impact loot box microtransactions.

A new referral program will give Primogems players if they can get friends to register a Genshin Impact account and reach Adventure Rank 15. According to the version of this program in the closed beta, players who are in Adventure Rank 7 can still use the code someone to give them the rewards.

There are also two new minor events that are likely to start during the period between 1.1 and the December 23 update 1.2. In the first event, players need to cook and deliver specific types of food to different characters to win Primogems. In the second event, seven glider racing tracks will be available around Teyvat, with players earning rewards for winning each track in a given time or for collecting tokens found on each track.


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