Ex-BBB Hariany Almeida receives criticism for plastic surgery and says: ‘Beware of envy’


Former BBB Hariany Almeida has dealt with offenses due to aesthetic procedures in the body. Today, she responded to a person’s attack by warning of the “risks of envy”.

“Be careful that plastics don’t move,” wrote the person, in a video in which the ex-BBB appears jumping on a trampoline.

“Watch out for your own jealousy not to kill you by watching my videos (laughs). You can watch as many times as you want, okay?”, Replied Hari, all sarcastically.

Hariany Almeida, a participant in “BBB 19” and “A Fazenda 2019”, says that she has received criticism due to the aesthetic procedures she has recently undergone.

“I would say that there is a lack of empathy in the world. But, women are increasingly united, and that cheers me up,” he said of the offenses.

Hariany recently did lip filling and applied botox to her face. She also underwent a “microliposuction”, in which she used the waist fat to increase the butt.


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