Ex-brother-in-law detonates Jorge after discovering pregnancy of current girlfriend – Celebrities


Jorge, from the duo with Mateus, was attacked by his ex-brother-in-law on social media. Pedro Freitas is brother of Iná Freitas, ex-wife of the singer, and wrote a text on Instagram to regret the pregnancy of Rachel Boscatti, who was Iná’s best friend.

Playback / Instagram

Rachel Boscatti, Jorge’s new girlfriend, with Pedro Freitas, brother of the singer’s ex-wife

“Congratulations Rachel, you got what you always wanted. I wish you all happiness at this moment. As you couldn’t get pregnant with me, you tried the whole Flamengo team, Barcelona, ​​the ‘Villa Mix’ team and got the ‘Jorge prince of Egypt with a beard from Mesopota’mia ‘”, he quipped at the beginning of the caption.

Pedro states that Jorge’s current girlfriend was Iná Freitas’s best friend. “Jorge does not have a birthplace, but he is the super correct, reasoned owner, who should show his face and be a man to face life for real. He knows my number and wanted to meet you two together”.

“You deserve each other. I want you to be a ‘little woman’ to follow your mother’s path or a ‘little man’ to follow your wonderful father,” concluded the ex-brother-in-law.

In the same post in which Pedro criticized, Jorge’s mother, Geno, defended her son as a man and as a husband. “Jorge is a person of integrity. I gave him education, love, affection and attention. If he became who he is today, it was because he had a foundation. That base, very solid. You should learn a few things from him. Staying silent would be a great thing. Give my son peace so that he can follow the life he chose. I want him to be happy and He is, and for Iná to be too. Be at peace! Anger, grudge does not go anywhere “, he said.


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