ex-cowboy turns cattle rancher and uses carriola to treat cattle


The painting Giro pelo Brasil showed the story of José Alves Lopes, the seo Zezinho. He started his career as a rural worker in 1971. After years of work, he now owns land with 60 bushels, which allows the beef cattle farmer to complete the cycle and even fatten up in the confinement of the Creole cattle.

Also among the most accessed content in livestock, see also how producers are using manure as a bargaining chip; record arroba prices; expansion of confinement and doubts about crossbreeding for milk production.

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fat ox cattle nelore

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1 – Former cowboy turned cattle rancher and today uses carriola to treat cattle

The chart Giro pelo Brasil shows the success story of rancher José Alves Lopes. See more details of this story on the website.


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