Ex-medalist gymnast at Pan do Rio found dead inside home


Photo: Emanuel Rocha

Bronze medalist at the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, former gymnast Ana Paula Scheffer died on Friday at the age of 31. She was found dead in her room in the house where she lived with her parents, in the city of Toledo (PR).

According to the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation (CBG), the body was taken to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of the city of Paraná to determine the cause of death. The wake is scheduled for this Saturday morning. The family awaits the arrival of a brother, who lives in Canada.

In a statement, CBG lamented the death of the former athlete. “She was one of the most notable rhythmic gymnastics athletes of her generation. Ana Paula won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Rio, in 2007, on the bow apparatus,” said the organization.

“Ana Paula Scheffer is one of the athletes who built our rhythmic gymnastics, and who transformed it into a source of great pride for all Brazilians. In addition to inspiring, she had an important job of training new athletes in Paraná. She leaves too early, but it will not be forgotten. My feelings to family and friends “, declared the president of CBG, Maria Luciene Cacho Resende.

Ana Paula had been working as a coach in the city of Cascavel, mainly in the training of new athletes. “She continued her career at GR as a trainer; her athletes obtained national and South American titles,” said Marcia Aversani, president of the Paraná Gymnastics Federation.

Before becoming a trainer, the then gymnast competed in the Pan American Games in 2005, at the 2006 South American Games in Buenos Aires, and in 2010, in Medellín. He also competed in the 2009 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship in Japan.


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