Expert teaches what to eat at night to enhance weight loss


Since the beginning of the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic in Brazil, in March of this year, the anxiety levels jumped from 8.7% to 14.9% among the Brazilian population. The data was obtained through a study by the Psychology Institute of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), in May.

Weight loss specialist Edivana Poltronieri explains that health care is necessary so that mental restlessness does not cause other disorders, such as binge eating, especially at night.

According to the professional, when perceiving the increase in food consumption, it should be noted whether the hunger is physiological or emotional.

“Physiological hunger ends right after a meal. Emotional, on the other hand, is linked to feelings caused by excess anxiety and stress ”, he explains.

The desire to repeat dinner, eat desserts in large quantities or order food per application is more common in the evening, when the anxiety related to the concerns and dilemmas of the following day appears.

The expert then listed practical and effective tips in order to get around the problem. Check out!

Set up a food routine

Setting aside a day just to prepare all the meals for the week is one of the methods to keep track of your eating routine. “My suggestion is to use small lunch boxes to prepare smaller portions, especially for dinner. Whenever possible, I recommend a balanced diet throughout the day to reduce hunger at night ”, explains Poltronieri.

Fill the house with healthy food

In the consumption schedule, the ideal is to include foods considered healthy, such as fruits and other vegetables. In addition, avoiding the purchase of foods that are harmful to health is a strategy for the moments that the desire to nip between one activity and another arise, especially for those in need. home office.

“Industrialized and non-nutritious foods seem to be more practical and cheap, but they are enemies of the organism, such as snacks, sweets, soft drinks. The thermometer to know if you are buying correctly is, when opening the cupboard or the refrigerator, to have as few packaged foods as possible. This is a sign that fruits, vegetables, proteins, cereals and legumes are gaining more space in the pantry ”, he teaches.


Make dinner adjustments

A good night’s sleep is just as important for health and daytime development as a regular exercise routine and balanced diet. Therefore, avoid consuming foods that can impair your night’s sleep, such as excess carbohydrate.

Instead, choose lighter dishes with legumes, protein, low carbohydrates and vegetables, always in smaller portions. Swap fatty cuts for lean meats and see the difference in your well-being.

Take the focus off the food

Finally, forget about the food. “Emotional hunger is related to triggers, such as extreme sadness or happiness. In this case, try to do other activities, especially when these feelings tend to be touched, such as watching a series, reading, writing, painting. Look for alternatives that will also give pleasure to replace the desire to eat ”, concludes Poltronieri.


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