Exporter owner arrested for suspected cocaine connection in coal sacks


Judge Rosarito Montania ordered on Friday (23) the preventive arrest of businessman Alberto Ayala Jacquet, owner of a coal exporter whose containers were found filled with cocaine last Tuesday (20), in the port of Terport, in Asunción. in Paraguay.

At the time of the arrest, Ayala’s defense alleged that the client was unaware of the drug shipment and that he only ‘rented’ his company name to Cristian Turrini, appointed as the drug’s owner, who would send coal to Belgium and Israel. Ayala was arrested at home in the Sajonia neighborhood this morning in Asunción.

Turrini, for his part, also said that he had no idea that there was cocaine in the sacks of coal and believes that the drug, the biggest seizure ever made in the neighboring country, was planted by an ‘unfair’ employee in an attempt to incriminate him .

According to lawyer Roberto Zapattini, the coal bags that were found are not from the same companies that Turrini usually works with. In this sense, it strengthens the suspicion of frame. “I do not believe that the National Police implanted the drug, but I believe that it may be the case for some disloyal employee,” he told the Paraguayan newspaper ABC Color.

Zapattini also states that, when the suspect saw the images of the operation, the first thing said was: “These are not my bags [de carvão]”. As previously reported, agents from the National Police’s Counter-narcotics Department inspected the containers with the kennel team, where six packages of drugs were found.


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