Express Tribune | “Sporting had almost criminal contracts with Doyen, an office in Malta where they saw a lady from time to time”


The former president of Sporting, Bruno de Carvalho, praised Rui Pinto for exposing the performance of investment funds in the world of football and made strong criticisms in particular to Doyen, for which Sporting lost a lawsuit related to Marcos Rojo.

“Among dozens of players we had one. The rest was from the funds, or Peter Kenyon, or Doyen, or BES. The players were just a little bit of Sporting. I realized that Sporting was stuck “, declared in court the man who was Sporting’s president between 2013 and 2018.

Bruno de Carvalho equated the funds with “a type of drug”. And he questioned Doyen’s performance and the source of its funds. “Nélio Lucas was a Hollywood model manager. Doyen was an office where from time to time there was a lady in Malta,” he described.

“Doyen arrived, gave the money, there was a relief and then we needed money again. That’s why I say it sucked. We couldn’t do anything with the players without Doyen’s permission,” said Bruno de Oak.

“I had contracts with 3 funds. The most serious and with almost criminal outlines were the Doyen contracts. Thank God it ended with the brake of UEFA and FIFA,” he added.

At the trial he also said he had been threatened several times by strangers for publicly criticizing football funds. And he also counted the pressures suffered by Nélio Lucas around Marcos Rojo.


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