Express Tribune | Then the other has covid? So calm down that Diogo Jota is here (Diogo Faro saw the selection but he doesn’t go on because he has dinner on the fire)



One of the advantages of not having an audience (or so little) in the stadium is that we can hear the players talking clearly. Soon, you can hear Patrício treating his colleagues as if they were his dogs that are misbehaving in the garden: “João! John! Come here! Return! Leave the boy’s leg! Pepe! Do not bite! PEPE, I SAID NOT TO BITE! ”


More self-conscious than in the previous game, having never been close to using the studs to crack an ankle or elbow the neck with someone. Go home disconsolate.


Pepe is really a gentleman. He took a hit, practically elbowed, and instead of complaining, went to congratulate the opponent for the quality of the blow, while leaving him a business card if he wanted to take lessons with him to improve.


“It was the ruler, square, the water bubble” and a few more design and construction materials that one of the commentators used to describe the crossing of Cancelo in Diogo Jota’s goal. I think it’s fun. But I think that other instruments like “astrolabe”, “compass”, “felt-tip pen” or “wooden spoon” can start to use analogies. Making sense is not what matters.


I will have to refer again to the commentators, because they leave me delighted. Raphael tries to feint two Swedes in a sprint, largely failing because he doesn’t have the legs for it, something that one of the commenters reacts with “it will be more of an emotional fatigue”. I’m sure it is. It is taking advantage of being in Portugal to go to Cristina Ferreira (psychologist from Portugal) to vent.


Now seriously, what is this man doing at Betis? Is it just to live in Seville? Do you have a better night than Lisbon? Is it because you are a fan of flamenco? A word of honor that I don’t understand why you went there. It looks so good in this stadium.


A discreet game, but always safe, without getting into big gatherings. A little as we should all be in relation to the covid, that this is all falling apart. Except for Rui Pedro Braz, of course, who says that even Deus Ronaldo is beaten, then it is because we are all going to be beaten and it is better not to take preventive and containment measures. Great Rui.


When it comes to representativeness, this is also what we are talking about. Having an aristocrat playing in this way in a medium that traditionally belongs to the commoners, gives hope to all young betos in the country so that one day they can also become players of the National Team.


I can’t see Bruno Fernandes playing in Alvalade today without being desolate. Don’t ask me, I’m not capable. Those passes, those shots, those screams to the referees, always very angry, that joy in playing the ball, only much greater in this case because he is playing alongside Danilo, William or Bernardo.


Then the other has covid? So calm down that Diogo Jota is here. Run, feint, pass, mark. What machine. And he still hears, from the commentator, the following in Bernardo’s goal: “It all starts in DJ, Diogo Jota, he who lets the party go”. Do you understand? DJ… Diogo Jota… But also DJ… Disc Jockey, of those who put music at parties and everything … That’s it.


“Go ahead, I’ll go with you,” said the commentator when the boy was isolated for the goal. Of course he failed. What does this mean? Where are you going with him? As? For what? Leave the kid alone, which is because of your pressure that he’s nervous.


10 minutes to make you miss playing in Alvalade. It must have been dead.


André’s incredible and memorable game! I’m kidding. I didn’t even notice if he ever touched the ball.


Fault of Fernando Santos who forgot to tell him that the rules of football allow the ball to pass.


They entered in style and made good passes. That’s it, ready. I have dinner over the fire, I also can’t stretch.

Immune to defeats

Without Ronaldo, there was ‘Jotaldo’: Portugal dominated and beat Sweden, in Alvalade, with two goals from Diogo Jota and one from Bernardo Silva – with assistance from Jota, Ronaldo’s replacement, precisely, and the man of the game


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