Face-to-face classes for all elementary school are released in the macro-region of Fortaleza by the new state decree | Ceara


The new state decree, published in the Official Gazette of Ceará this Sunday (25th), authorizes the return of face-to-face classes from the 3rd to the 8th years of Elementary School, with a 35% limitation on the capacity of students in the Health Region of Fortaleza. High school preparatory course classes can also be resumed, and the capacity of Early Childhood Education students has been increased to 75%.

The municipality of Fortaleza and the municipalities of the Health Region of Fortaleza remain in Phase 4 of the process of opening economic activities. Ceará remains in social isolation until at least the 1st of November.

The classes, already released, of the 1st, 2nd and 9th years of Elementary Education, become 50% of the attendance capacity.

Face-to-face classes at universities and schools in the state’s public and private schools remain prohibited.

Series released for face-to-face classes in Fortaleza and the health macro-region:

  • 1st to 9th grade of elementary school (up to 50% of capacity)
  • 3rd year of High School and Vocational Education (up to 50% of capacity)
  • Youth and Adult Education (EJA) (up to 50% of capacity)
  • 3rd to 8th years of Elementary School (up to 35% of capacity)
  • preparatory courses for high school (up to 35% of capacity)
  • Child Education (75% of capacity)

Face-to-face classes were suspended in Ceará in March this year, at the beginning of the pandemic, and authorized to resume on September 1, for classes in early childhood education.

Students returning to class in private schools in Fortaleza – Photo: Camila Lima / SVM

The document also forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages in stalls or temporary structures. And, as announced by Governor Camilo Santana this Friday (23), festive events in closed environments. The maximum capacity for social events, parties and concerts allowed remains for 100 people.

There is still a ban on the operation of bars and clubs.

All municipalities in the interior of Ceará are in Phase 4 of the economic opening.

By the new decree, the following activities are prohibited in the municipalities of the North Health Region, Central Sertão, Litoral Leste / Jaguaribe:

  • Street or stall trade / temporary structure for alcoholic beverages;
  • Water transport for sightseeing;
  • Face-to-face classes at universities and public and private schools
  • Bar and club operation
  • Activities previously authorized are still released.

In the Cariri Health Region, the following are prohibited:

  • Street or stall trade / temporary structure for alcoholic beverages;
  • Conducting events;
  • Performing shows and water transport for sightseeing;
  • Face-to-face classes at universities and public and private schools
  • Operation of bars, cinemas, theaters and clubs.

Although classes were authorized, the City of Fortaleza had already announced, on September 30, that classroom activities in municipal schools should not return in 2020. The information was released by the Municipal Department of Education (SME).

“We already have work that has been carried out since March, with the participation of teachers, and these materials with data access will contribute to a more continuous interaction, with the proposal to continue remote education”, declared the Secretary of Education of Fortaleza, Dalila Saldanha.

After Governor Camilo Santana’s announcement that the offer of face-to-face classes would be expanded on October 1 this year to more grades in schools in the macro-region of Fortaleza, the Secretary of State for Health, Carlos Roberto Martins Rodrigues Sobrinho, Dr. Cabeto, declared who was conducting a study to assess a “responsible return” from state schools.

The return of classes in the public network of the state has not yet predicted.


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