Facebook accuses Netflix documentary of being “sensationalist”


DI want to talk in the last few weeks a documentary on Netflix about the effect of social networks on society. Named ‘The Social Networking Dilemma’, the documentary focuses on how the algorithms on these platforms polarize users. One of the targeted social networks is Facebook but instead of keeping silent about it, the technology company led by Mark Zuckerberg decided to respond officially.

“We must talk about the impact of social networks on our lives. But ‘The Social Networking Dilemma’ buries the substância in sensationalism ”, accuses the Facebook. “Instead of a subtle look, [o documentário] it gives a distorted view of how social networks work to create a convenient scapegoat for what are difficult and complex social problems ”.

Furthermore, the Facebook adds that his social network “uses algorithms to improve people’s experience – just like any other app like Amazon or Uber”. Was that the Facebook took the opportunity to launch a ‘splinter’ at the Netflix. “It also includes the Netflix, which uses an algorithm to determine who thinks it should watch ‘The Social Networking Dilemma’ and then recommends it ”, points out the company.

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