Facebook and Instagram remove 2.2 million ads before US elections – 10/17/2020


Paris, 17 Oct 2020 (AFP) – Facebook rejected “2.2 million ads” and “120,000 Facebook and Instagram posts were removed for trying to hamper participation” in the United States elections, the company’s vice president announced , Nick Clegg, in an interview with Journal du Dimanche.

In addition, “alerts were presented on 150 million false information verified by independent media,” including AFP, explained the company’s vice president for public relations and communications.

Facebook has redoubled efforts in recent months not to repeat the 2016 experience, when its network was used in massive voter manipulation operations, led by Russia, during the United States presidential campaign and during the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom.

“Thirty-five thousand employees take care of the security of our platforms and contribute to the elections. We established collaborations with 70 specialized media, five of them in France, in the investigation of information”, said Clegg.

“We also have artificial intelligence tools. They allowed billions of fake account postings to be suppressed before they were even reported by users,” added the vice president of Facebook.

The site also stores “all advertisements and information, such as financing or origin, for seven years to ensure transparency”.

According to Clegg, in 2016 “Facebook had not identified or suppressed a single foreign network that would interfere in the elections”.

“Between March and September this year, we suppressed 30 malicious networks worldwide, including some that targeted the United States.”

In early October, Facebook removed more than 300 active Facebook and Instagram accounts and pages. According to the company, they were related to a marketing office, Rally Forge, which works for Turing Point USA, an organization that seeks to mobilize students around Donald Trump, especially in states where the election results will be very tight.

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