Families in trouble! Liliana and Pedro leave debts outside before entering the ‘BB’ house – Nacional


One of the reasons that may have led Liliana and Pedro to run for the ‘Big Brother – The Revolution’ was the attempt to escape the problems they left out. According to competitors, these left economic problems unresolved.

The small businesswoman from Oliveira de Bairro revealed during a conversation with Michell that her clothing store has some financial problems, which caused her to accumulate some debts. According to the young woman, this whole situation was caused by the pandemic.

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In February, things were even going well, but then this came and stopped everything. I came here because I want to have my own collection of clothes, a line of mine, and I think it might be good for the business to leave anonymity. I believe that being here helps to have more visibility “, he justified.

Pedro Fonseca’s situation is quite different. The competitor revealed that he also has debts and that his biggest fear is that they will reach his parents’ ears. “I come here and I have nothing to hide. The only thing I left behind was some credit card debts out there, but I don’t even have a problem talking about it. I still thought about my parents, but c *****. The only scene is that my address is at my parents’ house … I mean, my parents moved to the house where I live and now my mom will find out “, he assumed.


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