Family allowance blocked? Know what to do to reverse the situation


The main program to combat hunger and inequality in the country, Bolsa Família provides social and economic assistance to millions of needy families. However, due to non-compliance with the benefit rules, some people end up losing access to monthly installments. That way, if the problem is the Blocked Family Allowance, stay tuned, as we are going to bring you here today (10/25), about how to proceed in these cases.

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Family allowance blocked? Know what to do to reverse the situation – Image: G1 Disclosure

The situation is amenable to resolution; that is, there are ways to regain access to the benefit, even if there was a block. Check out what to do next.

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What to do before the blocked Bolsa Família

All Bolsa Família beneficiaries must comply with the program’s regulations in order to ensure their permanence and regular receipt of installments.

Otherwise, the benefit is blocked and the portion retained, remaining so until the regularization that must be done by the responsible person (RF).

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In this context, Bolsa Família, even if already blocked, may return to normal payment. Therefore, it is necessary that the RF go to the unit of the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) of the municipality or sector responsible for the program and inform that it was unable to withdraw the benefit.

After this contact, you will be informed why the installment is suspended and Bolsa Família blocked. The beneficiary will, therefore, be guided on how to proceed, as the blockade is usually caused by certain factors. By correcting these blocking causes, the payment returns.

How to prevent the benefit from being blocked

Attention, therefore, according to the Special Secretariat for Social Development, the proactive actions of beneficiaries that prevent the blocking of Bolsa Família are:

  • 1- Compliance with conditionalities;
  • 2- Registration update.

The first concerns the beneficiaries’ responsibility to comply with the program rules that they provide for active enrollment and regular school attendance of students up to the age of 17, as well as medical monitoring of pregnant women and breastfeeding children.

The second, on the other hand, deals with the updated registration of family composition in a general overview: then if there was a change of address, if there was a change of job, birth of a child, death of members or any other change, you must inform the government.

This update must be done, necessarily, every two years in the same municipal sector where the enrollment in CadÚnico was made.

The Family Representative needs to act

For the installment to be transferred monthly, it is necessary to meet the criteria mentioned above. Otherwise, Bolsa Família will be blocked. And the situation could evolve into a bigger problem, with the cancellation of the benefit if there is inertia of the interested party.

Thus, the Responsible Person must regularize the pending situation within a maximum period of 6 months.

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If the blockage has already occurred, the beneficiary has the right to receive all the retained installments at once, as long as it leaves the condition of non-compliance with the obligations.

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