Family and friends gathered in the last goodbye to Tony Lemos


There were many family members and friends who, this Friday, October 16, said their last goodbyes to Tony Lemos, at the Funerary and Crematorium of Lapa.

Friends who were not at the funeral, paid their tribute at the funeral, last night, as was the case with Jorge Gabriel and José Malhoa, among other well-known figures.

The parents of the musician and producer, who gave up life at the age of 48, were the image of pain, as were his children, sister, ex-wife and current partner.

Filipa Lemos, Tony’s sister and vocalist of the Santamaria group, made a speech that touched everyone present, at the end of the mass of the body present. The singer mentioned her brother’s good heart and promised to honor his memory and love of music.

Remember that Tony Lemos has been struggling with depression for some time. He decided to end his life last Tuesday.

The artist was the father of two boys, aged 21 and 15, the result of a marriage that ended some time ago, but not officially, with Valéria Fischer, former agent of the group that Tony founded with his sister Filipa Lemos in 1998. Tony was preparing for to become a father again, this time of a girl from the relationship she now lived.

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Photos: Nuno Fonseca / MovePhoto


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