Family of the singer Biel, repudiates Mariano’s lines


The conversations that took place in the headquarters room yesterday, during the “A Fazenda 2020” program, affected not only the structures of the house and some participants in the reality show, but also the people out here. As soon as Biel returned to the headquarters, after the field, he was informed by Luiza Ambiel and Vict├│ria Villarim that Mariano was speaking ill of him in the room in front of the other pedestrians. Biel’s sister Nanna Marins told the Twitter, that the family was very sad to see the video of the countryman offending his brother:

We were upset, but we know that we can’t expect anything from anyone in there and that’s why we weren’t surprised. “

Mariano commented to the other participants, that he thinks the funky musician is arrogant, that he made a mistake and did not learn anything, that he was not a man. The sertanejo even said that if it were in his city, Biel would “be beaten by a stick to learn to become a man”. Biel’s sister said that the family repudiates this type of attitude:

Our family never encourages hatred, regardless of the circumstance “.

We will always be concerned with doing the best for Biel, and we know that he will position himself in whatever way he feels most comfortable. “

The Farm 2020: Biel over Mariano: ┬┤Vergonha oblivious

Image: Playback / Playplus

This was the singer’s third consecutive garden. To celebrate, his team released the music video for their new song, “Melhor Baile”, which had already been released in the second week of the program. The three fields disputed by Biel, had voting records. Yesterday’s, alongside Carol Narizinho and Tays Reis, had 670 million more votes, according to presenter Marcos Mion, the highest number recorded in the history of “A Fazenda”

A Fazenda 2020: Biel releases music clip - Playback / Youtube - Playback / Youtube

A Fazenda 2020: Biel releases music clip

Image: Playback / Youtube



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