Famous Dance has another low


This edition of Dança dos Famous has not been very lucky. First, the dispute threatened to not even take place due to the coronavirus pandemic. The production took a while to get 12 personalities who agreed to participate and risk leaving social isolation.

After this phase, it was the moment of the first low. After being announced on the men’s team, Henri Castelli left the program a week before starting his participation due to an ankle problem. His replacement was actor Juliano Lahan. In the second round he also left the program, discovering a pheochromocytoma tumor. He will be operated and can still return to the competition

This week, ‘zica’ took yet another victim: Danielle Winits. Before the third round of the women’s team Fausto Silva announced that the actress was out of the round for being injured during rehearsals:

“Today we will not have Dani Winits. Had a problem during training, the rehearsal, sprained his ankle. And it is one of the most prepared! Dani takes it very seriously. It will be evaluated during the week, depending on the case, she can return to the Rock or the recap, ”he said.

The actress led the ranking of the women’s team until the previous round.

In her Instagram account, the actress left a recorded message and video, talking about what happened and hoping to be able to return soon:

“The art of smiling every time the world says no … Playing with life. You will see that it is still so … that the story has no end … continues whenever you answer yes ….

I never ask for fate. My love in this life is by the way. And that is why today I come here just to thank and praise the affection and support of all of you who are accompanying our Famous Dance 2020!
For my family, for you, for my partner @fernandoschellenberg and for all this incredible and beloved team that is that of Domingão, I transform my sadness for the mishap in absolute focus for the possibility of my brief recovery, and I count on the understanding of all and with all this siege of love that already makes me blessed here!
The path is only made by walking …
And if he allows me to dance for life again, I’ll be back on one foot!

To dream our dreams is to remember who we are “, he wrote.

See the testimony she recorded:

According to the GShow website, the actress would dance today to the song Chama Ela, by Lexa and Pedro Sampaio.

Check out Danielle’s notes in the October 4th presentation with the forró rhythm:

Danielle Wints and Fernando

Artistic Jury

Cléo: 10

Cleber Machado: 9.9

Tato: 10

Technical Jury

Inês: 9.8

Raquel: 9.8


Note 10


Note 58.4

Overall ranking after another presentation by the women’s team:

Final classification

Famous Dance: Without masks, Danielle Winits is the best in the second round

Danielle Winits inaugurates institute and poses with her husband


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