Fan collective notifies STJD and asks Robinho to cancel registration – 10/14/2020


Thirteen fan groups sent a disciplinary infraction report to the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice), requesting the submission of a complaint and the consequent cancellation of the attacker Robinho’s registration. The player was announced by Santos on Sunday (11) and registered on Monday (12), on an unofficial duty.

The registration of the player must happen on the first business day after the announcement of the hiring. As Monday (12) was a national holiday, Robinho should have been registered this Tuesday (13). However, today, the punishment received by Santos for the club’s debt with Huachipato (CHI) in the hiring of Soteldo begins.

According to paragraph 3 of art 22 of the national regulation for the registration and transfer of soccer players, “publication in the IDB will take place during CBF business hours” – only on working days.

President Orlando Rollo was at the CBF before that and asked the top hats of the organization and the São Paulo Football Federation for a shift to be able to register players on Monday – the request was accepted, and Robinho was registered. Santos obtained the clearance to be able to re-enroll players last Friday (9), after agreement with Hamburg (ALE) for the debt in the hiring of defender Cléber Reis, in 2017.

In an interview with Sports, the spokeswoman for the female collective of the organized crowd “Flamengo da Gente”, Caroline Rocha, explains the action: “The indignation with Robinho’s announcement was general within our collective, for the whole issue of the condemnation that surrounds him. ‘Flamengo da Gente’ is an action collective, so we look for a way to take a stand against this absurdity “, he explains.

“Thus, the ‘Mulambas da Gente’, the female front of the fans, got in touch with other collectives from different clubs and we signed, together and collectively, this document. There were 28 signatures – from 13 different fan collectives, from different states”, states.

No Sunday (11), or Sports published reports from fan groups that repudiated the striker’s hiring. In 2017, in Italy, Robinho was sentenced to nine years in prison for “group sexual violence”. The player denies the charges.

In addition to the 13 collectives that signed the document, individual fans also participated. Caroline says she made the contacts on Monday (12) and mobilized the groups to try to correct the infraction and check the player’s record.

As a basis, the letter uses art. 1 of the regulation. “This General Competition Regulation (RGC) was prepared by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in the exercise of constitutional sporting autonomy to implement the principles of integrity, ethics, continuity and stability of competitions, fair play (fair game), impartiality, truth and sports safety, seeking to ensure the unpredictability of results, equal opportunities, the balance of disputes and the credibility of all actors and partners involved “.

“The article was circumvented when an out-of-hours shift was created to register a player. It was a little way they did. And that’s our complaint,” explains Caroline. The notification was made to the STJD Attorney General. Once received, the entity can make a formal complaint and request the registration to be canceled.

Understand punishment

In September, Santos was again punished by FIFA. The entity extended the punishment that is already active and determined that Peixe will not be able to hire for the next three transfer windows. The document was approved on the last 16 at CBF. If Santos settled the debt before the punishment term, it would be suspended. Did not happen.

The information at the time was confirmed to the Sports by lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo, who represents Huachipato (CHI) in the case. Chileans filed a lawsuit against Peixe for non-payment of the agreed value for hiring Soteldo, in early 2019, for US $ 3.5 million (almost R $ 19.5 million in the current quote).

“After confirmation of the decision of the process by the Arbitration Court for Sport in favor of Huachipato, we requested in early August the application of the punishment by FIFA, which occurred on Wednesday. It is a long and laborious process, in which there is no a legitimate challenge to the lack of payment. It’s just a matter of pushing the process forward. Fortunately, today Fifa accepted our request and prohibited Santos from hiring new players until the debt was paid in full, “said Carlezzo.

The Fish had a defeat near August in CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport). The debt relates only to the 50% acquired in January 2019 because the other case that refers to Soteldo has not yet been judged by FIFA: the clause that would oblige Peixe to acquire the rest of the athlete’s rights for US $ 6 million in case proposal of the same value rejected by the alvinegro club.

Atlético-MG offered the amount at the beginning of the year, and Santos rejected it.


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