FARC admits blame for murder that shook Colombia in 1995 | World


The former FARC guerrilla acknowledged his responsibility for six notorious crimes, including the murder of former Colombian presidential candidate Álvaro Gómez, which took place in Bogotá in 1995, according to a letter sent by former insurgents to the justice of the peace.

In a statement released on Saturday (3), the court investigating the crimes committed during the Colombian conflict says that the former armed organization offered itself in the letter “to tell the truth, clarify the facts and take responsibility in advance” in several cases .

Among the crimes are the death of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado and the murders of reserve general Fernando Landázabal in 1998 and the former peace advisor Jesús Antonio Bejarano in 1999.

The announcement provoked surprise and uproar in a country that for many years believed that behind the attack on Gómez, one of the main conservative leaders of the 20th century, were rival politicians allied with the military and drug traffickers.

Justice declared the case a “crime against humanity” to avoid the prescription of the investigation until the perpetrators were found.

The ex-guerrilla’s explosive letter was received by the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) on September 30 and is signed by former rebel commanders Julián Gallo, Pastor Alape and Pablo Catatumbo.

Gallo and Catatumbo represent the ex-guerrilla in the Colombian Congress, in seats they assumed as part of the 2016 peace agreement that ended a conflict of almost six decades.

What was once the most powerful rebel organization in the Americas handed over its weapons and became a political party, accepting JEP rules.

Commanders who confess to the crimes and compensate the victims will receive alternative sentences to prison. If they do not keep their commitments, they can face up to 20 years in prison.


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