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BOYFRIEND: Marte Flobergseter and Ole-Kristian Henriksen have become a couple. Photo: Private / Mattis Sandblad

After two and a half years as a single, the reality participant has finally found the dream man. – I am very much in love, she says.

Marte Flobergseter got a lot of attention in last year’s “Farmen”, before she finally had to see herself beaten by Agna Hollekvie (48) in the duel branch “Bommen”. Along the way, the then single participant said that she received several messages in her inbox from men who wanted to invite her out, but she still remained single – until now.

Now she confirms to VG that she has gotten a boyfriend. The chosen one is named Ole-Kristian Henriksen (25).

– Yes, that’s right. It is almost one month old, October 1 is probably the official date, she says to VG.

Did you see this one? “Farmen” participant Karianne Vilde Wølner has been on TV before:

Henriksen is from Vestnes, the same municipality where Flobergseter is located. The former “Farmen” participant has so far been single for two and a half years.

– It was time to get a girlfriend now. I always knew who he was, but we first met “properly” through mutual friends this summer. It feels very good. He is the kindest person in the world. And I really appreciate that. We kept a slightly low profile in the beginning, we had to try to find out if it was a proper match. And that was it, given.

According to the 23-year-old, her new boyfriend works as an electrician at a boatyard. She makes no secret of the fact that she is doing very well during the day.

– I’m very in love. It would be boring if not. One of my criteria was that he had to like a dog, so we made a “package deal”. It was important to me that he should like my dog, and I have said that to him all the time. It was that or nothing, she says with a smile.

Flobergseter still gets a lot of attention from guys – even though “The Farm” for her part is a little over a year back in time.

THE ELECTED: Ole-Kristian Henriksen is Marte Flobergseter’s new boyfriend. He and Flobergseter’s dog Nano quickly became good friends. Photo: Private

– It’s actually quite violent yet. But I can only hope that it calms down a bit now.

– How does your girlfriend take it then?

– I’m pretty open with him and show him everything. So there has been no problem at all, the newly in love 23-year-old tells VG.

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