‘Fazenda 12’: Cartolouco denies being bisexual and calls Luiza a fake – Fabia Oliveira


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Cartolouco is in the fields with Jojo and Biel

Third eliminated from the reality ‘A Fazenda’, the influencer Cartolouco participated in the live promoted by Tik Tok and with the presentation of Victor Sarro. The first comment they made about Cartolouco is that it, live, is fragrant.

See what the most talking pawn in this edition said during the live:

The unexpected return to headquarters

“I always thought if one day I was eliminated, I would go back to the headquarters and hide in the bathroom. When I saw that the production was not around, I ran to say goodbye to my friends, the door was closed and I looked from below, as long as I could. I saw was Mariano’s slipper “.

Luiza Ambiel

“Luiza Ambiel was very false and gossipy, I preferred to leave Lidi who made my birthday cake. I have been away from my parents for two years and I missed this affection. But I cannot deny that I felt like giving her a tongue kiss (Luiza ) “.


‘When she threw the moisturizer at me, I felt like I was in a porn movie with a white bath in my face. RaĆ­ssa is Andressa Urach from March 25, she will never be the same as the original “.


“We were influenced by each other, being together so much, we thought the same way. I got along very well with him, I immediately empathized.”

The bay boys

“JP, Rodrigo and Biel will be friends forever. What we live together will be marked for a lifetime”.


“Being called chatolouco doesn’t shake me, I didn’t take any coaching course. Everything I said was true. If any family got together because of me, I feel happy”.

Lucas Selfie

“He did what had to be done, I have nothing against him.”


“I am heterosexual, I like women, but I have already kissed friends on the mouth and tongue, but I do not consider myself bisexual. The important thing is to respect the other. Each one gives what he has”.

The live counted on the participation of Cartolouco’s parents in the studio and yielded a lot of laughs, especially when they commented on the fact that Biel showed the anus of the influencer on national network: “I didn’t even see it at the time, I found out later and took it with me.”


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