Fazenda 2020: After returning from three gardens in a row, Biel releases a new clip; check it out – The Farm


Biel continues in A Fazenda 2020 after going through three gardens in a row on Record’s reality show. To celebrate, the singer’s team premiered the music video for their new song, Melhor Baile, which had already been released in the second week of the program.

Best Ball was the gift for the public on Thursday night (15), who worked hard and managed to keep the singer on the reality show. The three fields disputed by Biel had voting records. Yesterday’s hot seat had 670 million more votes, according to presenter Marcos Mion, the highest number recorded in the history of A Fazenda.

Biel competed to stay in reality with Carol Narizinho and Tays Reis – they won 33.01%, 29.51% and 37.47% of the public’s votes, respectively. The ex-panicat was the fifth eliminated from the program.

Before entering confinement, Biel gave an exclusive interview to NaTelinha and talked about the Fênix project. Since April, the singer had been releasing clips of his new work. “I call this my ‘rebirth’, just as it is routine in the life of a Phoenix. And I still hope to ‘be reborn’ several times, so it should be everyone’s life: a constant evolution “, analyzed the boy, at the time.

The current pawn also spoke about the time he spent away from the showbiz. “I usually say that when I stopped singing in 2017, I managed for the first time, in five years of meteoric career, to get out of the ‘stage’ and analyze my life in the ‘box’. This was very valuable for my growth. As much as the reason was not my common agreement, today I recognize that it was good for me. ”

Check out the clip:

Biel will debut as an actor after A Fazenda 2020

Another novelty in the boy’s career is his debut as an actor. Biel will play Ozzy, a call boy in the movie Vitrine Humana written by author Silvio Cerceau. The character is coveted by the women, who are enchanted by the youngster’s trickster way. But a secret from the past comes to light, showing a trauma that Ozzy carries. The forecast for the beginning of the recordings is January 2021.

“I think the biggest challenge is going to be leaving Biel, which has been my biggest focus lately, and getting into Ozzy’s reality, totally different from mine, but not so different,” said Biel about his new artistic challenge to NaTelinha before confinement.


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