Fazenda 2020: Cartolouco profile criticizes live edition: ‘Narrative is not reality’


Cartolouco’s official profile criticized the edition of the program “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV) for not showing the pawn’s conversation with Luiza Ambiel in full.

The sports journalist is being criticized for taking the journalist to the fields, and during the day they were exchanging affection.

THE Twitter contacted the administrators of the Cartolouco networks, but still has not received a response.

At the time shown in yesterday’s edition of the program, only a section was shown in which Luiza is lying with the pawn, and Stéfani Bays threatens to throw a bottle if the pawn returns to the journalist.

“I just want to see if, at the time of the vote, Cartolouco votes for Luiza. I’m going to throw a bottle at his head if he does that,” says Sté. The sports journalist laughs and replies: “It’s promised, I don’t vote. You can trust me, Stefani.”

Raissa Barbosa interrupts, saying: “There is no way to vote, she is at bay.”

That’s when Luiza remembers the votes of the house. “God forbid. If he goes [o mais votado da casa], he can pull me. But it won’t. God willing, he won’t. You wouldn’t do that, right? “, He asks.

Cartolouco’s answer is: “I’m going to pull you over to give you a kiss.”

The live program, however, did not show the conversation they had in the morning. Check it out below:

On social media, those responsible for the pawn’s accounts also criticized the test, in which Cartolouco was elected the most manipulated, someone who does not keep secrets, among other titles with a negative connotation.

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