Fazenda 2020: Jojo reveals discomfort with Lidi’s attitude: ‘You didn’t respect my moment’


In the early hours of today, in “A Fazenda 2020”, Jojo Todynho decided to make an outburst with Victória Villarim for a complaint made by Lidi Lisboa that made her uncomfortable soon after she returned from the fields.

In conversation outside the house, the funkeira told the dancer that Lidi came into the room asking if she would finally have a bed to sleep in and the attitude ended up hurting her for not letting her reflect after all the pressure experienced last night.

I want to vent. Lidi fought with Mirella when she returned from the farm, saying that they did not respect her moment. When I was in the bedroom organizing things, she was saying: ‘will I have a bed now?’. I was upset”

“Oh, I see. That she didn’t respect you there,” replied Vic.

Despite the annoyance, Jojo intends to drop the case and observe the steps of the paoa inside the confinement.

“Maybe she didn’t do it wrong. We make mistakes all the time. Maybe it wasn’t bad, but I was upset,” she said.

I also felt that she didn’t respect my moment, but I like her. I won’t say anything to her


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