Fazenda 2020: Jojo Todynho refuses to milk a cow: I’ll take punishment – Fazenda


During the dinner on Wednesday night (14), Jojo Todynho warned that he will not take care of the cow in the coming days at A Fazenda 2020. She was assigned to the function after going to the stall, for failing to win the Proof of Fire and also envision doing the activity next week. In conversation with confinement colleagues, the funkeira refused to milk the animal and warned that she could take punishment for that.

“I make the cow from the pasture and make it up here, lunch. I’m going to make an animal and I’m going to make it up here. I’m going to make the cow from the pasture. I’m crazy to do it. I’m not patient, boy. I make the (cow) of the pasture that I have lunch to make. Without conditions. I will not do milking, only the cow of the pasture “, repeated Jojo several times.

The singer also told which animals were more difficult to care for during confinement. Todynho chose the treatment of birds as the most difficult activity in A Fazenda.

“The only animals that I think are complex are birds, because to sweep it over there is punk, God forbid, and the cow,” he said. Jojo continued talking about helping the other participants the moment he was in the stall.

More complicated activities in A Fazenda 2020

Non-headquarters pedestrians are on hand to assist other colleagues in dealing with animals and the vegetable garden. “I asked if anyone wanted help. I helped Carol (Narizinho), Mariano didn’t want it, neither did Jakelyne (Oliveira)”, said the singer.

“I saw you helping down there. You did your part, you stayed there, they didn’t want to. Sometimes we want to do something,” said Luiza Ambiel, who was the farmer this week.


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