Fazenda 2020: Mariano says to Biel: ‘I screwed up ****’


Mariano and Biel tried to get it right during the “Likes” party that rocks this Friday night in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV). Mariano said to the funkeiro: “I’m apologizing to you, I was wrong. If you don’t want to forgive, that’s fine, but you can’t stay in that mood. You don’t judge me for a mistake, for a failure.”

Biel replied: “You didn’t know I was going to come back. You spoke behind my back, I couldn’t defend myself. You said I spent 3 years hiding out. You offended me”. Mariano then tries to assuage: “I was hot-headed. We took offense. I made a mistake, I take it for granted ****, at the time of the pressure of business, I just thought about the game and forgot all the context.”

The climate between Biel and Mariano heated up last Tuesday, in the formation of the farm. Mariano was the last pawn to hit the spot, accompanying Biel, Carol Narizinho and Tays Reis. Following the program’s protocol, the sertanejo had to veto someone from the farmer’s test, and he vetoed Biel. The funkeiro did not accept Mariano’s justifications and explanations and the situation between the two got worse and worse.

Yesterday, as soon as Biel returned to the headquarters after the garden that eliminated Narizinho, it was informed by Luiza Ambiel and Victória Villarim that Mariano was speaking ill of him in the room in front of the other pedestrians. “He said that you are not a man. That you did not learn. You did too much ugly things outside. He spoke of horrors about you. He said that if you were in his town, you would be beaten with sticks, I don’t know what,” said Luiza.


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