Fazenda 2020: Mirella talks about Raissa outbreak: ‘Too hesitating’


During the “Likes” party in “A Fazenda 2020” (RecordTV), Luiza Ambiel, MC Mirella and Victória Villarim, talked about Raissa Barbosa’s latest attitudes. On Sunday, the model exploded with Carol Narizinho, and today, after a somewhat warm conversation with Luiza, Raissa kicked the bedroom and bathroom door, even breaking a piece of wood, which fell and almost hit Lucas Maciel who was outside worried about her.

“I gave him the opportunity to become a friend, because Jojo asked me to talk to her. I was very friendly with Raissa, but she is too hesitant. She will have to break down to learn. Luiza then says: “I don’t talk anymore. It’s dangerous” and Victoria adds: “She broke the bathroom door”.

In a little while the country duo Fernando & Sorocaba will make a virtual participation.


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