Fees, taxis and fines. Government expects to raise 826 million more


António Pedro Santos / Lusa

The Government expects to raise 3175 million euros next year in fees, fines and other penalties, according to the preliminary document of the State Budget, presented this Tuesday.

According to the newspaper Público, which consulted one of the maps attached to the OE2021 proposal, this is a increase of 826.7 million euros (35.2%) compared to the estimated revenue for the current year, of 2348 million euros.

Almost 80% of this increase results from the expected increase in fee income, with the remaining 20% ​​associated with an increase in the collection of fines.

This amount that the Government intends to collect in 2021 includes, for example, fees, fines, direct or indirect taxes, property income, sale of goods e European services or funds, as well as other penalties, constitute one of the various categories of central government revenue.

According to projections cited by Público, the money raised from fines on the road is expected to go up: from 1.6 million euros in 2020, in line with previous years, to an estimated 93 million euros – an increase of 5514%.

Notary, land, commercial and civil registration rates rise by more than 200% and, in the opposite direction, Higher Education fees e moderating fees will yield less.


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