Felipe Neto is attacked by fans of Gusttavo Lima: “Don’t say what you don’t know, broken into”


Felipe Neto had another turbulent night on his Twitter last Wednesday (14). The influencer compared the separation of Gusttavo Lima e Andressa Suita, what is it announced last Friday, with that of Whindersson Nunes e Luisa Sonza, in which she was accused of betraying the comedian with Vitão, your current boyfriend.

“A doubt… Will there be a mass dislike campaign in Gusttavo Lima’s clips for ending the marriage on charges of treason? Or is it just against women? Just so I can understand … ”, wrote Felipe.

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As much as he already denied it, there are still rumors that Gusttavo Lima betrayed Andressa with a young woman named Gabriela Couto. Many people did not like the comment of the entrepreneur, who had to defend himself.

“I made this tweet and some straight top came out in defense of Gusttavo Lima as if I had talked about their mother. I found it curious … But worse is to see how they are not intellectual enough to understand that I am saying that nobody should be attacked. Only they attack women for machismo ”, explained Felipe.

The youtuber also showed messages he received from one of the fans of the backcountry. “You will take it in your c *. It doesn’t say what you don’t know about Gusttavo Lima, broken in ”, shouted the follower.

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