Felipe Neto questions lack of campaign against Gusttavo Lima and is offended – 10/15/2020


Felipe Neto argued with followers when questioning the different treatment given to Gusttavo Lima and Luisa Sonza after the artists ended their respective marriages.

“Is there going to be a mass dislike campaign in Gusttavo Lima’s clips for ending the wedding on charges of treason? Or is it just against women?”, Wrote Felipe, on Twitter, remembering the campaign promoted against Luisa, after being accused of having betrayed Whindersson Nunes with Vitão when she was still married to the comedian.

Then, the youtuber showed offenses he received because of the post and replied: “I made this tweet and some straight guys came out in defense of Gusttavo Lima, as if I had talked about their mother. I found it curious … But worse is to see how they do not have enough intellectual degree to understand that I am saying that nobody should be attacked. Only that they attack women for machismo “.

Gusttavo Lima and his wife, Andressa Suita, announced their separation earlier this week. According to Andressa, she was surprised by the request for divorce at dawn.


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