Fernanda Montenegro answers Fernanda Torres’ tribute: ‘Thank you, Nanda’


Fernanda Montenegro celebrates 91 years this Friday, October 16. To honor her mother, Fernanda Torres shared a click from the actress from years ago on her Instagram.

“Today is her day. My mother. Happy 91!” Wrote Torres in the publication’s caption, which received a special comment from Montenegro. “Thank you, Nanda,” said the actress.

Caetano Veloso also celebrated the actress’s birthday and made a declaration of love to Fernanda on the social network. “Fernanda Montenegro is a great love of my life”, he confessed.

“Like a teacher to whom we feel tied up in elementary school. Like a sudden girlfriend with whom we do, in adolescence, what we had not even had the courage to dream of. Like a diva on stages and screens that we find impossible to see in the flesh “, caetano philosophized.

During the pandemic, Fernanda Montenegro is spending a season at her farm in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. She and her daughter, Fernanda Torres, acted together in the series “Amor e Sorte”, production for GloboPlay.


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