Fernanda Souza surprises and talks about new work by Thiaguinho


Fernanda Souza commented on Thiaguinho’s new work (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Fernanda Souza revealed on Instagram that she has a very friendly relationship with her ex-husband, Thiaguinho. This Friday (16), the presenter appeared relaxed in her bed and talked with her followers.

She then took the opportunity to publicize the works of her friend, Sandy, and her ex-husband. In Stories, the artist, who remains on television, talked about their importance in her life.

“There were two people that I love so much… one that I love since I was born, practically, and the other since I was older, that in the last few years I shared my life, anyway. Sandy e and Thiago André Barbosa, better known to you as Thiaguinho ”, started the famous.

Fernanda Souza also reported the documentary Tardezinha, available on Globoplay, in which it shows the birth of the event created by the pagodeiro. She commented on her pride in her ex-husband.

“I watched with a scroll on the side. Everyone is moved by this story. He put 50 thousand people in Maracanã. Do you have a notion? Then he tells the story of how it came about and to him, who was already doing that afternoon in Prudente and was already singing ‘enemies of the end’, with no time to end ”, he highlighted.

“It became something huge, as they are. This is what happened because you are a giant ”, praised the actress, who spent eight years with the singer.


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