Fernando Zor has fun scared of Maiara in class to drive a motorcycle – 10/16/2020


Fernando Zor and Maiara spent the afternoon today having fun with a new country bike.

After walking a bit as a passenger, the singer decided to venture into a driving lesson, amusing her boyfriend with her fear of the two-wheeler.

“Oh, I’m going to fall,” she complained, still standing, when instructed by Fernando.

“Go, just accelerate,” he said.

“Oh, I don’t know. Oh, what a fear. I can’t handle it, no. I can’t handle it, love, I’m afraid,” she replied, who moved just a few inches riding the bike before getting off the bench.

Despite the first failed attempt, shortly after Maiara appeared again in her boyfriend’s stories, filmed by a third person, walking a few meters in charge of the vehicle while Fernando accompanied her on foot, running after the motorcycle.

The couple has been sharing several moments of their routine for two since announcing the return of the relationship, last Sunday (11), after three months of separation.


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