Ferrari crashes on London bridge and the internet does not forgive


Accidents happen, everyone is sure of that. However, it is difficult to see an accident when it involves a supercar. This is the case of this video shown by London & UK Crime that shows a driver crashing a Ferrari 812 Superfast on the London bridge. In the video we see that the driver accelerated slightly at the bridge entrance and ended up losing control and hitting the bridge structure. Luckily it hit alone, but some cyclists that crossed the bridge failed by centimeters.

So far, everything seems normal, a typical accident. However, this video was quickly shared on social networks and gave rise to a “enjoyment” by some people. This is because the driver crashed alone in an area where the maximum speed is just over 30 km / h. There are also those who say that the driver could have done better and it was possible to control the car. See the images.

Source: London & UK Crime

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