FGTS releases additional withdrawals from R $ 50 to R $ 2,900. Know who receives


THE loot-birthday it is a modality of the Severance Pay Fund (FGTS) that allows annual withdrawals from linked accounts, whether they are active (current job) or inactive (old jobs), by workers who join the system.

Releases take place according to the beneficiary’s month of birth. So far, citizens born from January to October have been covered. There is no fixed transfer amount, and a rate table is applied that considers the amount deposited in the Fund.

Citizens who wish to join, and have access to the amount still in 2020, must sign up through one of the Caixa Econômica Federal service channels until the last day of the anniversary month. For example: born in October have until the 31st of this same month, born in November until the 30th of the next and so on.

Additional up to R $ 2,900

The worker who chooses the withdrawal-anniversary, in exchange for the termination, may withdraw a percentage of 5% to 50% of what is in the FGTS account. In addition, the modality offers the payment of an additional installment, which can reach R $ 2,900, depending on the available balance.

Check the limits of the payment ranges of the installments:

Balance range limit (in R $)AliquotAdditional Installment (in R $)
Up to 50050,0%
From 500.01 to 1,00040,0%R$ 50
From 1,000.01 to 5,00030,0%R$ 150
From 5,000.01 to 10,00020,0%R$ 650
From 10,000 to 15,00015,0%R$ 1.150
From 15,000.01 to 20,00010,0%R$ 1.900
Above 20,000.015,0%R$ 2.900

According to Caixa, the money will be available for three months, counting from the first business day of the worker’s birthday month.

Important: Despite all the advantages, caveats need to be made. This is because whoever chooses the modality loses the right, for two years, to full withdrawal from the Fund in the event of unfair dismissal. What remains the same is the access to a 40% fine on the amount deposited by the employer over the duration of the contract.

FGTS loot-anniversary calendar

THE loot-birthday it follows a payment schedule that varies according to the beneficiary’s month of birth. Check below who can withdraw the benefit so far:

  • Born in January and February – withdrawals from April to June 2020;
  • Born in March and April – withdrawals from May to July 2020;
  • Born in May and June – withdrawals from June to August 2020;
  • Born in July – withdrawals from July to September 2020;
  • Born in August – withdrawals from August to October 2020;
  • Born in September – withdrawals from September to November 2020;
  • Born in October – withdrawals from October to December 2020;
  • Born in November – withdrawals from November 2020 to January 2021;
  • Born in December – serves December 2020 to February 2021.

How to join the birthday loot

Whoever wishes to join the birthday withdrawal must make the request through the modality on the Caixa website or FGTS application (available on Google Play and Apple Store virtual stores). In both cases, it is important to read and agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding.

For workers with doubts about whether or not to join the modality, Caixa provides a simulation tool, in calculating how much they will receive by the modality in 2020. The federal government has also released a new credit line for those linked to the birthday withdrawal , in anticipation of up to three years of the benefit through loans at lower interest rates.

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