Filipa dos Santamaria breaks the silence after her brother’s death: A great hero – on the boil


Filipa Lemos, the singer of Santamaria, broke the silence after the death of her brother, Tony Lemos, who was also part of the band.

The artist recorded a video where she thanked the support she has received in recent days.

This message, as you must understand, is a little difficult, but it is always a message with hope. For a few days now I wish I had done it, but, as you must understand, the days have not been easy either.“, he started by saying.” I would like to thank all of you first, for your messages of affection, for your phone calls, for all those who were present in this less good moment of our lives “.

Filipa assured that the band will continue. “The Santamaria walk will continue, this time with five physically existing guys and a sixth person who will always be with us in spirit“. The singer does not hide, however, the suffering:”For me it is more difficult because this walk has always been done in step and step with my brother “

We will have the strength to continue to shine on stage“, he assured, revealing that there will be a surprise soon.

On the 6th of November you will have this sweetie of ours that was already programmed, this time in an even more special way. It was a theme composed by my brother for some time, that we recorded during the summer and with a very special participation“, he revealed. “I hope you like the surprise, there will be many more. It is our tribute to my brother, to the member of Santamaria, to the fantastic person you met and know, an extraordinary human being, a great hero“.

Filipa left a message of hope. “Sometimes life has these complicated situations, but life really has to continue and that’s how he wanted us to do it“.

Filipa Lemos breaks the silence after her brother’s death


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