Final line of emergency FGTS withdrawals. See deadlines to receive!


The payment schedule for the emergency withdrawal from the Seniority Guarantee Fund (FGTS) it’s in the end. Those born in December are the last to receive, deposits for these fell into digital social savings on September 21, and withdrawals and transfers will be released on November 14.

This withdrawal date also applies to those born in November who can move the money through savings since September 14th. For those born between January and October, all deposits have already been made and they can also withdraw and make transfers.

Deadline for those who have not yet received

Attention! Workers who have not yet received the due date must access the FGTS application to update their registration data and request to open a digital savings account.

This is because, according to Caixa Econômica Federal, the failure to receive the money so far indicates an error in registration data in the system. After the correction, the amount and date of the credit are informed shortly thereafter. This qualification can be carried out until December 31st.

Deadline for who received but did not move

If the credit of the values ​​has been made in digital social savings and the account has not yet been moved, you have until November 30 to do this. If not, the funds will return to the FGTS account. According to Caixa. duly corrected and without prejudice to the worker

If after that date, the worker wishes to make the withdrawal, he can request the redemption through the FGTS App until December 31.

FGTS emergency withdrawal calendar

Birth monthAccount CreditWithdrawals or transfers
JaneiroJune 29July 25
FebruaryJuly 6thAugust 8
MarchJuly 13August 22
AprilJuly 20September 5
MayJuly 27September 19
JuneAugust 3October 3
JulyAugust 10October 17
AugustAugust 24October 17
SeptemberAugust, 31October 31st
OctoberSeptember 8October 31st
NovemberSeptember 14November 14
DecemberSeptember 21stNovember 14

Source: Caixa Econômica Federal

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