Finally! Spotify now has widget for iPhones, but not the way you expected


A long-awaited feature on iPhones was the possibility of using widgets, which finally arrived with iOS 14. Spotify ran to make yours available, but the novelty may cause strangeness in some.

In two sizes, the largest one allows up to five covers to appear on the widget, with the latest content involving songs, albums and podcasts. But it is not possible to control the media using the interactive shortcut, which differs from the widget we are used to seeing on Android.

With a different footprint, the Spotify widget for iOS may not be that easy, but still its dynamic content allows the user to resume content on the platform with less clicks.

The color of the widget even varies according to the most prevalent color in the thumbnails that are displayed on it. An interesting aesthetic concern of the platform that helps the shortcut to position itself more dynamically on the desktop.

Remember, recently another aesthetic feature launched by Spotify was the dissemination tool for artists and fans, which allows the creation of square or rectangular cards with the visual identity of the platform that can be shared on social networks with a direct shortcut to tracks, albums or service podcasts.

And you, what did you think of the Spotify widget for iOS 14? Tell us in the comments!


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